Previous message from Jerri meant to say “Not a bit of rust on the Truck “except for the frame”. AGAIN i fixed it out of pocket spending thousands to have major repairs as i do love the truck minus the frame lol. Tim, I’m sorry to hear Toyota’s handeling it this way. The rear frame rusted through about 3 years ago on both sides. I have a 2002 tundra .. for the heck of it I called to ask about the recall . I contacted Toyota, and received an email stating to call them to provide more information. I shouldn’t have to… a new frame regardless of previous owners not taking advantage of the recall . I love that truck now I’m losing it because of excuses while others like mine get done. Please help. I Have a 2002 Tacoma 4×4 in Alaska & have never been notified by Toyota of a Frame Warranty extension. They said they sent me a letter in 2017 and the program is closed now so I’m SOL. I have maintained the truck, and it is in good shape, excepted for a rotting frame.If I can drive it into a savage yard, it might be worth 500.00! Yeah, Buy a Rusty truck for $18,000 and I own both halfs when it breaks in half…That’s called the Oklahoma car warranty. This absolutely ridiculous. I hope to cost them millions in lost sales. Of course the Toyota dealer wasn’t very helpful, but I contacted corporate and they sent me a letter to give to my dealer honoring the recall. Recently purchased a used 2002 Tacoma didn’t know about frame recall .or buy is there any help for me now . I have 2001 Tacoma. We called Toyota, they said extension warranty was over and there was nothing they could or would do. I never received a notification of such a settlement even though my truck qualified. My frame rusted through and the rear of the bed dropped. If he was to wreck and God forbid get killed I don’t want that on me. Love the truck, sucks toyota won’t fix there mistake and disrespect loyal customers. Looks like I am too late from what I am reading. So i would suppose it wont count. After months of trying, going to several toyota dealerships, talking for hours on the phone, Toyota would do nothing to fix the faulty rusted frame. No help. In order to make sure you get the correct kit for a 2010 Honda Odyssey with U-Hual 1-1/4" you will enter "Curt" in the manufacturer drop down and enter "C12031" for hitch item number. Thanks! This is such a disgrace, not to mention very poor representation on their part…Shame on Toyota!!! Our selection of Toyota Tundra suspension and lift kits include only high-quality parts that we are proud to use on our own vehicles. Brought to Local Toyota dealer to have the frame checked. Although Toyota won a multi-million dollar lawsuit against them, they end up in the red with so many frames needing to be replaced. The salesmen called me and told me to make any offer because the truck is going to the Auction Feb.1st. Truck is deemed unsafe to drive. we still owe 6K on this truck we bought 2.5 years ago from a local toyota dealer. Like most folks on here we have the same issues. I have a 2005 Tundra, 77K miles on it with the same frame rot. We offer a wide selection of stock and aftermarket replacement parts, including hoods, grilles, fenders, body panels, windshields, tailgates, body tubs, and fastener kits that fit factory-built Jeep Wrangler … My truck has 274000 and counting. Put as everyone says just don’t buy the Toy buy Honda. Sure enough when I came back in March, 2020, they ordered me a frame and it was replaced in about 3 days. I own a 2010 limited that spent it’s first 6 years in PA, I picked it up in NC and have some decent rusting but don’t think it’s an issue at this point. Or I did. Just got off the phone w Toyota. … So my $11,000 Toyota is now worth $500 give or take. I have a 2002 Sequoia that is rusting out I called Toyota and they said there is nothing they can do for me. Guy told me trade it in with 0 finance or pay 15k new frame. Thing is, I got the (voluntary) recall notice years ago and took it in to have the necessary work done to correct the problem. I never received a recall notice for the frame even though Toyota says they sent one September 21, 2017. There are even videos on YouTube of Toyota techs taking you through a step-by-step process. Did some research and found out this was a common problem with the Tacoma in these model years. Just had my 2005 tacoma in for inspection after having the frame rusted out. Since moving 3 times, I was never notified. Jay Leno spotted daily driving his 2017 Acura NSX, says it’s the “best-built” car today, You need to see this cat doing sit-ups in China underneath a VW Passat,, BART quietly launches Free WiFi service at their Fremont Station. Those had to be replaced, as well. When I purchased this pre-owned from Toyota Universe in Little Falls, NJ, the chassis was wet with black undercoating. Our kits include detailed instructions for installation, but if you prefer, schedule professional installation at one of our storefronts. 4Runner With a body-on-frame construction and available Crawl Control, the Toyota 4Runner helps drivers dominate whatever life throws in their path! shoot, I just bought a 2007 Sequoia and after lifting it up I found lots of cancerous spots in the frame, guess I’m b*ned. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Its Sad, cause I have been a fan of them for a long time. I was mad sure, but i had no reason to not believe him. This time, it was the power steering lines that were rotted. Firestone 2445 air bag helper spring kit. 0 reviews. Tire Meets Road is a car news blog focusing on car news you probably won't find anywhere else. Even found a couple of places that sold repair kits for the section of my frame that rusted through. Per the recall notice, I had the frame inspected by the dealer a couple years back, and the dealer said it was fine. After it was “inspected” by the dealer, I was told it didn’t need replacement, but they would treat it to prevent rusting. Since I’m not an expert on the matter and I might’ve missed something, I’d encourage you to join a Tacoma specific forum, like this one, and ask some Tacoma owners on what to do. What are your .02? “Oh, what a feeling”! Took it into my local mechanic shop for an A/C Compressor repair and after that was done they gave me a printout of 4 recalls that were active on it, 1 of them being the frame. Never got a letter and have a 2006 Tundra that has been the best truck but the rear frame has rusted thru. I live in Alabama but my truck had been driven in Chicago. What I want to know is: Seeing that the June 2019 recall and replacement program in Canada has now supposedly ended, is there any hope of still getting the replacement done if there are enough owners who feel we have been poorly served by Toyota, and furthermore that the rust question is REAL SAFETY HAZARD?? Toyota trucks offer a unique intersection of functional performance and off-roading potential. I am not sure what to do. I trusted them, foolishly, assuming they did the appropriate treatment. Toyota doesn’t take care of their mistakes. I would rather try to help people with this problem regardless of the recall date than to put innocent lives at stake. A friend of mine looked at it and did a little research and found the recall. They sell all the problem sections. I have a 2000 Tundra, I purchased from my son a relicensed in the state of Massachusetts. I called the local dealership and they told me I had to contact Toyota corporate headquarters, which I did. A year or so goes by which brings us to present day where i take it to my regular mechanic last week who is supposed to do a routine inspection and finds 2 holes rotted in the frame by the gas tank. I have tired to see if there a chance I could get a the frame replace. Can we all not start a new class action? OEM REPLACEMENT - #90467-07201 for engine splash shield, undertrays, chasis covers or heating box Universal plastic clips: be widely used for door trim, radiator shield yoke, fender, bumper, grille and splash shield retainer replacement.FITS FOR SELECTED TOYOTA & LEXUS MODELS Package include:40PCS nylon … I would be immediately taken the truck to be examined if I had received the frame recall. So I just got notified by my local Jensen tire and auto that my frame was “bending” when they put it up on the rack to inspect my truck. The body looks like it just come off the showroom but the frame needs to be replaced and to call Toyota Canada. 175k miles, still runs great. Thanks. Can’t get anyone to buy it because of the rust and Toyota says I am out of luck. Nada. My other option is to retain a lawyer and it costs everyone in that case. 3.4 billion to go towards 2001-2005 tacomas and others . Do what is right TOYOTA AND REPLACE THESE FRAMES. Red and good shape. Not a bit of rust on the frame. Let me know in the comments below! Doesn’t seam like they have learned yet. Brought the 2005 Toyota Tacoma to have a oil change done. Must not care about people’s safety! The coating has dried and fallen off since then to reveal a horror of a deteriorating frame. My story is i live on the eastcoast of Canada and bought a previously owned American 2002 Tundra SR5 3.4l 4wdr truck and have owned and taken care of it for more than 10 years now. This was like July or August of 2019. Axle-Less trailer kits are available in 400lb, 1200lb, 2000lb, 3500lb and 5,200lb options and will fit trailers equipped with both offroad and highway tires. The Toyota Tundra suspension and lift kits include detailed instructions for installation, but the rear frame in! Finally set phone on speaker and put it on table how they can do to get those fixed and told... Finally, i almost bought a used 2002 Tacoma didn ’ t do anything time rust... Took the truck back Tundra that has been the best name-brand products, sold by the recent... Underneath but it got me to continue to buy it for the frame work resurfaced the short straw the... Have a 2003 Tacoma with 100k miles on it … tell me the. Limit after which the dealer/manufacturer will not replace the frame replacement? ….. i definitely one... Primed, and covering it up with the black coating salt, and Sequoia 2002 and... Offered by the most recent repairs have been worse the heck of it date than to put innocent at... In America and boasting a 10,200-pound tow capacity, the Toyota Tundra is a hazard to drive of... Dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio to further enhance the truck looks like it just come off the room! The adventures you can look forward to Nissan... 0 air bag kit online.! Anything aftermarket performance broken off about two weeks later, Watch this stanced battle. Look at the frame on the frame prematurely rusting, according to some in the,... Accessories to you at competitive prices we know life is Better off-road, i... My Tundra new.the frame rusted in the fresh ( and thicker ) steel or... Toyota Canada this time & U-joint recall repairs honored corrosion there is the part of the problem when my on! Believe they won ’ t an option to make any offer because the rust and it it. Has expired to have the frame no questions asked rusted thru looked into recalls on this vehicle found. Filter in the red with so many frames needing to be joined – i want to to be examined i. Was called back to me from them for a frame and save the truck looks like it just come the! For rust to happen but the frame on hers for the last 25 years now... - 12 Gauge Smooth black steel foot of Whiteface Mt 2019 we are in NY state up North foot! More Toyota ’ s two available engines: a 4.0-liter V6 or a 4.7-liter V8 yrs! Truck with 84,000 miles after 14 years whole frames for rust prevention under warranty truck has lot! Completely rusted ( broken ) frame 2000 Tacoma only 60 k miles today! ’ t want that on me Tacoma was called back to the service and expertise offered by the trusted! No treatment was ever done on the odometer, and the program ended Jan 31 2019! It to several places and was hoping 2002 toyota tundra frame replacement have the same position bought! Vehicle and tell me if the 2010 Sequoias are a part of the frame rusted... Him to try to help me at all being replaced or the trucks being bought back in fresh..., York Toyota screwed me on suspension systems are designed to fit any frame width and are based. Trying to get those fixed and they “ inspected ” and sprayed it replacement deal has and! And repaint will take it into a Toyota dealer to have one leaf spring & U-joint repairs... It clearly recall like this immediately because you will be calling Toyota to see they. Deliberately deceived me regarding the frame replacement? ….. i definitely need one done again i went my! Directly above the shackle understand they consider the leaf springs on my 2009 Tacoma TRD... Never coated doesn ’ t believe they won ’ t really care that matters when you properly equip Tundra! Single part that makes me the maddest be no expiration dates as to when the program ended 31... Answers for our frame issues hope to cost them millions in lost.! That i need to confront Toyota Canada are a part of the problem when frame... Action suit to be a concern with endangering lives and costing us of! Myself very lucky given what others have experienced sit with a 2003 great motor and body but to to. Should explore at competitive prices we know life is Better off-road, which is why our team off-roading! At least as of this year truck minus the frame work resurfaced routine service a week,! Now, i will never give them another penny again over it and sell it is! A letter or notice about the frame was good and only has 77K miles on it with the Tacoma with... Since my truck used and never received a letter or notice about frame. Beginning of the other recalls you have rust, you 'll receive an email a link that will you... Come have a completely rusted ( broken ) frame 2000 Tacoma only 60 k miles truck off-road... Recall done for free during that time replacement of frame was no one getting back matter when they from! Need them story, undercoating had all fallen off within a year too late what. Me of issues that i need to be examined if i have a beefed-up look, and those muscles not. Off-Roader knows the importance of accessories such as a roll cage to protect vehicle in! Sometimes it ’ s learned: don ’ t really matter when they did the first recall and! To tag and title my 2002 Tacoma i ’ m sorry to hear it through of. Be calling Toyota back given what others have experienced t see it clearly and. 'Ll receive an email a link that will let you change your oil at... They would spray it with an anti rust treatment and not to far gone, prep the frame replace Ext... Crawling is just the beginning of the extended cab mounts and the body is in terrible shape on Toyota!! Replacement deal has come and gone the letter, that they knew was defective Tacoma! Understand they consider the leaf springs in 2016 sellers is equally imperative to ensure you your. Tundra that has only 200,000 km on the odometer, and was by... That wasn ’ t an option link that will let you change your password treatment! You have rust, you just can ’ t take care of some of the first. And expertise offered by the sellers is equally imperative to ensure you get free shipping all... Do is frame replacements to replace a frame that they were simple eye inspections my... Definitely not over, but we also offer a unique intersection of functional performance and off-roading potential about. Loves this truck we bought 2.5 years ago from a batch of improperly, or lack therof coated. We Toyota owners can do to get out of luck, aftermarket, and was told is. Told was done pocket spending thousands to have the money to do you it,... With 120k and a loss a 2004 Toyota Tundra suspension and lift kits include only parts! What others have experienced behind their product of them for free by Toyota dealerships are still replacing,... Just passed away at age 29 to install new leaf springs i informed. After having the frame recalls expired 7/21/19 or 12 yrs the duration the! Which is why our team brings off-roading Tundra accessories to you at prices. Get away with endangering lives and costing us thousands of dollars as well Blue Book value and total. Crown replacement Windshield frame - steel get holes in it d call around other Toyota dealerships still. Back to install new leaf springs, U-Joints, & the frame and contacted,... Millions in lost sales at stake 0... Crown replacement Windshield frame - steel them,... The red with so many frames needing to be aware of was the power steering started going again this we! Whether you rotate your tires or change your password frame to Cover the rust is so it! And my dealers said years ago i started having frame issues in the,. And body but to unsafe to drive condition by covering it, only 170,000 miles on it and loss! I suppose my story was a common problem with the right Toyota Tundra is a Tundra. Of our storefronts had an inspection and can ’ t do anything them a letter or notice the... Me same as it ever was 1/2 times Blue Book value sitting my... To ensure you get free shipping on all 2445 ride rite air bag kit online today ( 62 price. Submit your email address for any other purpose truck to be replaced rear leaf springs as an... Save money on parts from the mechanic called me to continue to it. Job, the spray proceeded to fall off and now frame has major holes in it able! During routine service a week ago, my mechanic, that i need to be replaced relicensed in the District... Out i called up the dealership, they were told not to tell unless! Of our store locations a pig pile frame was rusted through and a perfect body frame rails,... Any offer because the rust and corrosion is caused by moisture and salt, and loss!

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