Drive in negations using De Morgan's Laws, which are given below. A frame is also known as slot-filter knowledge representation in artificial intelligence. 3. The frame is a type … Unless there is a specific evidence to the contrary, it is assumed that all members of a class (category) will inherit all the ... Inverse links. The additional structures (if-needed, if-added, if-removed) make the relative importance of particular... 3. … They allow more complex knowledge to be captured efficiently. Knowledge Type Knowledge is categorized into two major types: Tacit and Explicit. 1. In the frame, knowledge about an object or event can be stored together in the knowledge base. Eliminate arrows (implications) 2. term “Tacit” corresponds to informal or implicit type of knowledge, “Explicitterm ” corresponds to formal type of … 1. 2. Disadvantage of Semantic … Semantic Nets. Inheritance Reasoning. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Efficiency: Declarative knowledge can be used to answer “What is …?” and “Where is …?”questions; episodic knowledge can be used to answer “When did … occur?”questions; procedural and task knowledge … Distribute OR over AND. Explicitness:

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