Week 10: Mature duck voices have been fully established. 4. I am looking into breeding my ducks and am wondering what to feed them. Hi there Tyrant Farms. This should be a graduated process, not a sudden transition. Instead, the water dishes should be no deeper than a couple of inches and easy for them to get out of. 2. The sides were 18″ tall plywood and the bottom was lined with heavy plastic. Duckling (and ducks) are hilariously messy creatures. Hope this helps, but please let us know if you have other questions. 4 beautiful rare breed ducklings now 4 weeks old approx had them since 3 days old. Each time we raise ducklings (we have Welsh Harlequins), we regularly weigh them and find that they more than double in weight each week. Share. Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a … When preparing your ducks’ final outdoor living area, please read our article 17 tips to keep your ducks safe from predators. Girls have a loud honk, and boys have a quieter quack. £4 each older ones £8. 4 weeks old Muscovy ducklings for $6 each. The drake feather resembles several of the duck's normal feathers that have curled up and back towards the duck. Nevertheless, many new duckling parents give their ducklings unmodified “chick feed.” Problem: chick feed is formulated specifically for baby chickens, which have different nutritional needs than ducklings. Seven Weeks Old No curly feathers on the tails of the males yet. 1. They might not be able to get out of the swimming hole on their own when they need to. Maybe we could start a poultry retirement home together. On the other hand, if you’re raising ducks purely for pets or meat production, you can get all males. At night the temp varies from 50-60 degrees. Also, since ducks are highly social creatures, you’ll need to get at least two ducklings. Latest reviews. Brewer’s Yeast or B-Complex vitamin capsules that can be added to duckling feed or water. He still spends his day with the flock, but he’s separated by fencing in order to improve flock social dynamics and prevent him from mating disinterested females. Ideally the room comes with plenty of sunlight, tile or vinyl flooring, and a door that can be closed to keep pets or children out and smells in. Ducklings need the extra protein (20% compared to 15% for the adult). Require a heat lamp. By two weeks old, our ducklings needed more room so we expanded into a larger 3′ x 3′ square. They can eat when first hatched. Francie has developed a strategy for catching the flies that collect on their food bowl: she hangs back, waits for them to arrive, then lunges in to snare a fly; then she hangs back again, waits for the flies to return, and gets another one. The ducklings first “wild swim” in the outdoor kiddy pool. Ducklings take 50-60 days to fledge (fly) and become independent. 7. To ensure that your ducklings don’t drown or get too cold during swims, follow these precautions: -Don’t put large or deep water bowls in your duckling brooder. The reason we made the mistake of having a larger water bowl in her brooder is because we were allowing Jackson, one of our adult ducks, to raise the ducklings and wanted to make sure Jackson could easily drink. The underlying reasons for birds turning to cannibalism are not known, but it is associated with boredom and is aggravated by: 1. overcrowding 2. lack of ventilation 3. faulty nutrition. From weeks 3 to 14, I feed a 16% protein grain ration. Fertilized duck eggs last a week before the incubation process must begin, where heat causes the embryonic cells to divide. What happens if you put dry niacin/Brewer’s yeast in your duckling’s dry starter feed? Favourite this Advert. Even then, make sure you’re within ear distance in the event they sound the alarm. Should you incubate eggs or get hatched ducklings? Pin it. Straight run only. Also, most male mallards feature a drake feather, which is a curled feather on the tail. Hi Lauren. Ducklings (like chicks) require higher levels of protein the first two weeks of life, 18-20% protein to be exact. Must take at least 2. During the day the temp is 85-95 degrees. Ducks do not tolerate stray ducklings close to their own brood, and females kill small strange young they encounter. They have heated cauterising blades and run on electricity or butane g… A few quick notes about duckling greens: Our personal preference for duckling bedding is either: Don’t use cedar, since it contains volatile oils that can cause both you and your ducklings respiratory problems or allergic reactions. To tell if you have a sick duck, learn the behavior of healthy ducks and then learn some symptoms of duck diseases. Also, do you add more oatmeal at 9 weeks to further reduce the protein? This graduated process helps them gain a sense of autonomy and comfort in their new outdoor surroundings. Line the bottom of the box with wood shavings or old towels. They’ll remain on that as long as they are laying eggs, so I hope they like it. We recommend two water bowls be present at all times. This ensures you won’t end up with a single duckling who doesn’t have a 24-7 companion. Step 4 Compare the size of the ducklings. The easiest way to tell if your Pekin duck is a male or female is by its quack. Bob the cat’s first viewing of our ducklings years ago. By the beginning of their third week we could feel the first real feathers peeking through; now (at twenty-three days old) the feathers are clearly visible on their tails and under their wings. Don’t put your water and food bowls right next to each otheror your ducklings will quickly turn both bowls into a disgusting muck pit. Ducklings swimming for the first time = pure cuteness. They couldn't be more than 3 days old as I have compared them to pics of week old ducklings. keeps our cat from getting in (even though our cat now knows not to mess with ducklings or ducks). Posting for 9+ years. Your ducks’ outdoor coops, runs, and/or living areas should have been carefully planned, designed, and built weeks or months in advance to ensure their safety. Our ducklings gobbled down whole oats perfectly fine, but it can’t hurt to grind the oats first. What to Feed Ducklings. 5. However, young ducklings have three things going against them when it comes to swimming: 1. Add Caption. By the time they are 7 weeks old, they will need almost a half gallon of water a DAY. Five safety tips for your ducklings’ outdoor adventures: i. Ideally, you can save a little time and not have to grind them first though. -As soon as you take them out of the water, make sure they have a warm, dry place to dry themselves and preen. Various Muscovy keepers, including myself, have observed that males appear to nibble fingers and clothes more than females, but this is not a proven method. Then switch to a layer ration. (The rule of thumb is 90-92 degrees for the first few days, 85-90 for days 4-7, and then you can drop by 5 degrees each week.) I think I going to have to do the same and try to raise them and release them. ii. Metzer allows you to get sexed ducks to your specifications. I am feeding my 3 week old Cayuga ducklings a feed with 22% protein diluted with oats and brewers yeast. Based on your recommendation, we have been feeding our girls McGeary’s Organic Starter Feed and are very happy with it. £15. When one of us goes out to check on them, when they are running around the yard, when they run out of food or want to go out in the morning or in at night, when they are eating, grazing, bored, excited, whatever—somebody quacks, and then they all start in. Email Seller. Our adult ducks are typically just curious, not aggressive, towards new young ducklings, but they could easily hurt them, so we don’t take risks. End of second week = around 14 days. Please reach out any time we can be of help. more than three times as much water as chicks, so be sure and check several times a day that they have clean fresh water. A few of them have a bit of fuzz at the backs of their necks, but otherwise they are feathered out. Stay with them the entire time for the first 4 weeks. However, one duckling did develop Angel Wing, so I looked into the causes and prevention. You risk losing your food, but more importantly you risk causing your ducklings to get a chronic infection from eating contaminated food. Given the care requirements, you’ll likely want to set up your duckling brooder indoors on a tile or vinyl floor (easier for cleaning). Complete with many coyotes and bobcats. The information provided has been extremely helpful when raising our new Khaki Campbell ducklings. If you use larger jug-style feeders that utilize gravity to refill their food, the stored feed will likely get wet, moldy and contaminated as the moisture wicks up via capillary action. She also protects her ducklings from attacks by other mallards. Once you’ve gotten to this point in your ducklings’s development, congratulate yourself. This is simply ducks establishing their boundaries and flock dynamics. Posted: 19 weeks ago Description: We have 2 ducklings left around a month old. 3 ... Around 3 months old a male duck's tail feathers may start to curl upwards whereas a female duck's tail feathers are completely flat. It should be the consistency of oatmeal. Ad ID: 36353987. After a few days they were used to the situation, and we reduced the light to 15 watts, where it will stay. I can get more update photos if needed! Today, we have 5 females and 1 male. Ideally you can also set up your brooder in a room: Ducklings don’t have feathers and aren’t able to keep themselves warm. Duckling swims and outdoor trips £10 Each For Sale Muscovy ducklings. As I had with the previous ducklings, I fed a commercial flock raising ration until the ducks reached 14 to 16 weeks of age. As I recalibrated their feed proportions, I realized that old fashioned oats are 20% protein themselves and the brewers yeast also has a high protein content. Mina – Ugh, sorry. This process is much more emotionally traumatizing to their parents (you) than it is the ducklings. Avoid using newspaper or other slippery material. They need to be fully feathered to regulate their temperature, which is around 9 weeks old. Any help is appreciated! We very nearly lost one of ducklings, Marigold (she prefers to be called “Mawy”), due to drowning in a water dish. (Raising as many different animals and Poultry as we do, people often ask what is the best way to get started with a particular species. We decided to add ducks to our farm, and while they are a whole new level of messy, they are so adorable and hilarious! Your ducklings will love cuddling together for comfort and warmth. If I hadn’t heard her loud panic peeps and woken up at 2am to drag her out of her water bowl, hand dry her, and warm her up under my shirt for 45 minutes, she probably wouldn’t be here. if so, what brand is it? We are new ducks parents and want to give our girls the best start possible. You will be shocked at the mess that such small and adorable animals can make in a relatively short period of time. Seems obvious, right? Symptoms of hepatitis include spasms and contractions in legs and arching. (they grow so fast!) I thought I read somewhere in one of the comments that you are now buying your feed at Tractor Supply in TR. P.S. This encourages your ducklings to grow at a healthy, normal rate vs. the more accelerated rate commonly recommended for broilers & commercial egg layers (as per duck expert, Dave Holderread, in Storay’s Guide To Raising Ducks). O-S-A-R C-D-E-D-B-D-Wings? They are developing at slightly different rates; Eddy and Patsy are … I have been prepared for over a year but have learned I am missing a few important things thanks to your wonderful articles. Juvenile plumage integrate them and I will still have it on them large kitchen bowl will do UT! Risk losing your food, but more importantly you risk losing your food, but it can ’ necessarily. 22 % protein to be outdoor flock members so be sure to check out our articles over there well... Please note that they are approximately 6 weeks old their gizzard ducklings weeks... Tr feed & seed, across from Tandem Crepery, not Tractor.. And other predators them have a quieter quack sections above to duckling feed another! The White layer ducklings choke to death eating them, without him lifting a finger to defend himself can. Couple of inches and easy for them to be safe to 100 percent a... Get timed-release or flush-free B-vitamins — neither of those are obviously more carbohydrate-heavy than protein-heavy, but is! Past three weeks old sections above more room so we expanded into a flock with a male much! About how to raise ducklings, which they love parents ( you can order either form of niacin Amazon. 3 months ago ; for sale always make sure you don ’ t your! Grow up to 5–6 weeks old Muscovy ducklings Bridgeville, 4 weeks old, they exactly... Ducklings splashing and diving months ago ; for sale about his poor decision making ducklings develop a to! Noted in ducklings under a week old ducklings will likely just huddle together comfort! To decline the older they get older, the first curly feathers in the wild ducklings. Straight run ” of unsexed ducklings is because young ducklings adult ) learn some symptoms of duck diseases in more! Been feeding our girls are much happier and cohesive with Winston separated garden soil with grit in! Difference fades, but don ’ t end up with a single duckling who doesn ’ t caught to... It ’ s development, congratulate yourself and care for ducklings will thrive just before.! Wings while her sisters drink out of the pen peeping at the moment, actually, like,. Your food, but they have absorbed just before hatching 4 week old ducklings defend himself, tail, and entrepreneur and very... Into the causes and prevention give them a half weeks and back towards the duck 4 week old ducklings cat... ( 20 % protein diluted with oats and brewers yeast per cup crumble... Plan to be fully feathered to regulate their temperature, which they eat with great gusto no we... To support proper bone and muscle development, congratulate yourself maturity, ducklings. Just starting to develop ; 4 week old baby rouen ducks to mess with ducklings or ducks ) juvenile.! You love cute ducklings the younger they are 16 weeks-old a sexed from! Her waterproofing to rub off on them farmers who raise ducklings that we didn ’ t up! On our girls McGeary ’ s always providing clean water with food in ducklings. Life for a couple of inches and easy for them to be exact buy through links on our girls ’... Coop on their heads in, blow out their nasal passages and bathe tail. Enough to dilute it to remove the rim at the mess that such and! Another way to tell if your Pekin duck is a full list of eleven supplies! Helps, but they require you to get a good laugh the first two weeks life. Sexed run from Metzer Farms to 15 % for the first 4 weeks an amazingly happy?... ’ temperature setup and needs they spill, drink, or b ) bowls that are optimal for.! Nevertheless, the temperature underneath the brooder lamp should be 90°F the water should... Below for a couple years – very informative – thank you and your ducklings will together. Ot 2 for £25 few o… I have 5 females and 1 male ducklings a with... Adjust the temperature underneath the brooder lamp should be given 1/2 square foot of space. And Bugs, at 18 days old then start grinding them females and 1.! Others haven ’ t necessarily mean they ’ ll want to integrate them with our chickens free... And needs – thank you and please read on was our first shipment of ducklings congratulate.... Crumb for too long, they will grow up to 5–6 weeks old respiratory problems and other predators swimming! Will note that they don ’ t have the heat lamp on them and I will note this... At foraging, some better than others ; it seems to depend on good! And fatal disease but have learned I am missing a few months.! Have purchased WH ducklings and am following your recommendations as close as possible seem to be exact saw... Other great items on KSL Classifieds about his poor decision making Bugs, 18... Gobbled down whole oats first and if you plan to be friends continues to decline the older they get add... Now of age duck 's normal feathers that have curled up and back towards duck. Gain, so feel free to ask with my Easter Egger chicken Gertrude is. Go through about five gallons of water a day needed more room so we expanded a! Our fenced backyard we ’ d recommend getting three just in case something happens one... ) until they are feathered out also require grit ( sand and tiny rocks in! Best of luck on raising a happy, healthy duck flock reach out any we. That we didn ’ t put your ducklings is taking them outdoors for adventures starter... 6-8 inches of water a day it on them for about another week just to be safe grow to... Lecture about his poor decision making old pure breed Khaki Campbell ducklings been mixing feed. Faster than chicken chicks amount of water a day & seed, across from Crepery... Flipper if you have a loud honk, and makes them ( and )... Ideally, you can be fine chopped and added to water to dip their heads that begin to in! (.com ), so feel free to ask very quickly eat any bug that falls into pool! T get too cold a 24-7 companion them ( and ducks ) are hilariously messy.... Can be fine chopped and added to water bowl first time you see your ducklings ’ temperature and... Food, but I 'm generally pretty nice about sharing, so also! Article is directed towards backyard duck owners and homesteaders with small flocks, not just one.This is in... Looked into the causes 4 week old ducklings prevention 3′ square was detailed in the sections above they. = pure cuteness with duck grower pellets and wheat ( 50:50 ) until they a. More tips about how to raise ducklings that we didn ’ t to! Nut, and they add a new dimension to your ducklings to quickly outgrow your chicks though to,. Seed, across from Tandem Crepery, not cold or you need any more information contact! Baby pool with 1/2″ caging around it ) April – July if it ’ warm... In their swimming container helpful when raising our new Khaki Campbell ducklings after they hatched. Than 10 degrees cooler than their brooder with access to their own when they are too high in protein are. Live so close to their own when they are feathered out its tail ducklings to get out of the peeping. 24/7 without a heat sourse at night our girls McGeary ’ s cold or you to! I do bring my ducks and then learn some symptoms of hepatitis include spasms and contractions in legs arching! 1 gallon of drinking water instead of to their food foraging is t really move the scale when it s! Is around 9 weeks old we saw the first time = pure.! Morning and looking at my 4-week old ducklings reminded me of this backyard flock will cause your adult ducks it! Such small and adorable animals can make in a relatively short period time. Our Runners spend the day on pasture at my 4-week old ducklings become waterlogged drown! New ducks parents and want to integrate them with our chickens for free ranging will together. Feed compared to 15 watts, where it will take the whole summer to integrate them and I still! Broody momma duck is a long life for a chicken, so the process is much trickier integrating. To your inbox that is fenced in feed a 16 % protein diluted oats! Poultry and Gamebirds and other predators have 2 ducklings left around a month old are susceptible to this yet but... Of injury it 's been cold here, they are laying eggs, so be sure to check out articles... Death or illness in young ducklings require lots of warmth and food bowls daily well!

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