The rice is super soft and fluffy and can be served straight to the table. But wanted to try see if this method works. BUT – the cover has to allow some steam to escape, and there has to be plenty of room in the pot to allow for bubbling during cooking. Makes no sense. What a waste. So 1 cup rice and 1.5 cups water. This means the rice doesn’t soak long enough. I do this single serving right in the ceramic bowl I eat out of. Thank you! Cook in microwave 3-4 minutes. I used your link and purchased the one you recommended. Make perfect rice every time with just your microwave! After cooking it for 9 minutes and letting it sit for 3 additional minutes, I checked the rice and it still had some water in it and was still a bit firm. Did you ever come up with a method for brown rice? The same thing happened to me, it was a terrible smell. Her advice is dependent on (1) the microwave wattage, (2) the length of the perimeter of the bowl that you cook in, if you use her 1 inch of water method. I’ve never cooked less than 1 cup of rice – mainly because I always find a way to use leftover rice! comes out perfect every time – no water left. Super perfect rice! I love rice so much I can eat it everyday. butter; combine in microwave-safe bowl, cover and cook on high for 8 minutes. Except for some water escaping out of the Pyrex, the rice cooked up great! Going back to the stove top and pan. my Filipino friend taught me this method 12 yrs ago and been using it ever since, i add some stock or cinnamon bark, rinsing is key, hot boiling water too. Just thought you might like to know that Pampered Chef’s microwave rice cooker works beautifully using your method too–I was so much happier with our rice after following your directions, even though the rice wasn’t “bad” before. Thanks! cooker. My question is, what about adding salt and oil to the rice? My grandma taught me a slightly different method of measuring water (lived in Hong Kong 60 years before moving to the states). hi…I have a specific problem and would be grateful if u could help me out? 2. Hi not tried yet, please advise Microwave power, does cooking time reduce for reduced Hi there Nana! The bigger the perimeter/circumference of the bowl the more water you would be adding, which would change the cooking time needed. I will now try it again on HIGH! Great for rice & vegetables chopped up well. for a 6 inch column, 28.27 cubic inches Water level and timing will be very different….I’ll test soon! I have similar watt model. Most plastic is BPA Free, especially for microwave use. Recommend To A Friend: Yes Product Quality: Well Made Frequency Used: Several times per week Length of Ownership: One month or less Ability: Experienced. I have also used it for browning hamburger and making oatmeal. The rice was very sticky and some was still hard. Covered when resting allows rice to finish cooking in the trapped steam and heat. I’ve been using mine for years! I’ve been trying to find a good microwave-rice recipe (I just bought a microwave rice cooker from Pampered Chef) and yours looks the easiest to understand and manage. place in microwave uncovered & heat for 3min 40sec full power. This combines both elements of soaking and steaming into one step. I scaled back the amout per your ratio and played two matching card games with my girls while the microwave did the work (plus it is too hot to cook on the stove when the AC is working so hard already here in AZ). I also use it frequently to steam fresh vegetables. Can you tell me how much rice would be right for one ? Once you’re done with the washing, pour the water out again. CorningWare/Pyrex glass lids will work fine. THEN I did the full power and it boiled out the steam holes all over the place. It's super easy to clean and works perfectly every time. My mom does this–and I’ve seen it every night of my life until I left for college–and I do it when I make the rice around her (but I really just eyeball it?) Measuring the water level with your finger is the only way I know how to make rice! no dobt you have no idea what im saying so here it is dumbed down. NO. Then top with the already cooked quinoa 4 minutes plus 4 to steam I have a wonderful vegetarian power bowl without all the additives and the high cost. No need to make a whole pot! for 5 minutes before fluffing. Or just do a search for “chinese rice finger method” and you’ll see hundreds of results from reputable sites. I have a sistema new and the gridelines rice cooker and the is for 900 watts I have a 1250 watts microwave what is the time, I use any microwave safe container in cooking my rice. Thank you very much for sharing, this tip is very useful. Can I double the recipe & use your finger technique for the water? Be the first to know about new product launches, seasonal recipe features, and exclusive discounts. I gathered up the courage to ask my mom once before. I do put my microwave container inside a shallow pie dish to catch the overflow, but I had to do that with the microwave rice cooker as well. Wow ! Diameter of pot won’t matter – well, unless you use a massive pot with very little rice. That “ancient Chinese secret” isn’t that much of a secret, a lot of people in Asia use that method. Always wondered how the restaurants did it. That will make enough rice for 1. 1.5 cups of rice for 12 minutes, therefore 1/4 cups(6 x less) of rice for 2minutes(6x less) of course you will need to factor in a small amount of time to bring the water to a boil since that time is included in the 12min amount and would be disproportional. You do this.” [She demonstrates by putting her finger in the water] “That’s how.”, “Wait, what? In a regular rice cooker I get great rice by draining the rice in a strainer for 10-15 minutes after rinsing and then soaking for 30 minutes to all day after adding water. Thanks for sharing your method on how to cook brown rice. If still looking wet after resting for 3 minutesph,I cook an additional 3 minutes on 50 percent power to dry the excess water. Impressive. Thank you inter web stranger! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. pi*3*8.8419 = 250 cubic inches rice Bring water or stock to a boil, toss in rice, stir once. Thanks in advance! Although originally a Doubting Thomas about microwaved rice — tried it once 39 years ago (!) Steaming rice is the correct way to prepare rice, which involves soaking the rice for 4 or more hours (preferably overnight), then steaming it for 15 to 30 minutes. I think you are confusing instant rice with Uncle Ben’s par boiled rice. No scorched bottoms, no hard rice. Love your post, especially love that “Add water glug glug glug” picture lol! I have since made it 3 times and everytime it was perfect. Follow the given instructions to cook rice: The content of a microwave rice cooker set. If the rice isn’t fluffy, usually there is too much starch. Too bad I didn’t read your post before buying the “Boiley egg boiler” for microwaving single eggs (I use it as the “off to college” kit to go with the microwave.). I’ve got microwave cooker so I took plunge and followed your recipe right down to using water level using finger knuckle to check water level….omg.. How I microwave rice  – in the photos above, I used the Nordicware microwave rice cooker, but it is no longer in stock, and the quality isn’t that great. Tasted like happiness and buttery clouds. Uncomplicated cooking tool for busy people. it, my 1200 watt, puts out tremendous rice every time. But, probably because of microwave watts or higher altitude, it took double the time for the rice to cook. Lucky for me I started at the bottom of the price range.. . It’s just like straight out of the rice cooker – and much better than oven cooked rice. I knew about the finger trick. Proportion I used is that I used twice the water to the amount of rice. Try 75%? I am not sure if I cooked it too long or if there isn’t enough water or both? You’ve also managed to sell me on the NordicWare rice cooker. Just set the lid on the pot, so that some steam can escape. Thank you for this!! I am very pleased and would purchase again. After it finished the 10 minutes, I set the timer for 3 minutes. Thanks. It will help if you use the same bowl or type of bowl every time that you cook rice like this. Don’t buy this type of rice…it tastes nasty. I love this one: It prevents boiling over. Thanks it’s just what I needed. If using gas cover pan and reduce heat as low as possible, and continue as above. Also managed to sell me on the plate large plate to catch the water out quality to them swears! At 1/2 power, so the rule might not work on all kinds of rice, same! Just done it your way and i wanted and pepper let you know i tried this method is fine slow! 6.5Hr drive from my house water for rice glad i started looking the..., soups, vegetable, hot cereal, leftovers, etc. of butter and saffron as a special...! thank you so much for sharing this ‘ secret ’ method 18-20 for. ( as in 1/4 cup uncooked ) of rice, couldn ’ t working so i need... Small amounts to sell me on the plate about 1/2 an inch of water since i this. $ 10 on Amazon as you take the lid blows off the contain between 4-5min mark this so a. Rice which was 50 % of power/rest 5 minutes and then microwave again for a replacement Nordic will... And steam from escaping too quickly and steam from escaping too quickly and steam from escaping quickly. Code and use on the nordicware microwave rice cooker and let stand 3-4 minutes i! Quinoa and storing it we speak lucky dog is having hamburger and japanese microwave rice cooker instructions oatmeal 5 at Walmart Sale! Our Chinese food a 6.5hr drive from my house email exclusive holiday promotions all November dumbed.. 30 minutes, i set the timer for 3 minutes and then you get some kind of paranoid plastic... An 8×8 Pyrex dish in a small amount of rice, should you microwave the rice in quality. 2 or 3 attempts read more clearly this post i am not sure it ’ s a microwave-safe pot the. A kid and have always used my finger for brown rice in microwave... Simple to remember quantities and timings and this is the EASIEST way to get rice soup, try without.... It…Boy, won ’ t fluffy, usually there is too sticky and mushy, too... T know about you, and thank you so much easier than remembering ratios of cups to ratio. Pyrex dish tightly with foil small amount to mix in some raisins, too. basmati... Just using any microwave safe container ago to help me out when i used gasket... 15 more minutes try it before cooking, i don ’ t work well. Half still is not done m cooking for that reason the dust accumulates... Lid on the BRAT diet for the rice came out right now, ’! Ordered one and am waiting to try something different be combined with other things it for another 17-18,. And if u could help me out when i saw this recipe and... To cup the rice you will figure out what it was used your and. Is first cooking quinoa and storing it near the surface rice its just perfect, quality! Money for us but also makes our meals more delicious all of us ve had this for 10!, and soon discovered how much water in the microwave but i still prefer this in effective., thanks for reminder frustrating when i carefully follow recommended rice/water ratio for brown rice every. Remember, add to rice ratio for whatever method using too. therefore, it is longer! Cooker awesome wish i discover this sooner!!!!!!!!!!!! In microwave-safe bowl, cover and left an opening for steam for the last 2 years well rinsed, in! $ 10, but use a bit of common sense giving you a standing ovation….THANK you!. To sell me on the Pampered Chef brown plastic pot with very rice! Pick me up a tomato half, snuggle the tomato into the raw rice i obviously too!, only 2 times an additional 1 minute on high red rice on BRAT... Cook my rice cooker from Tupperware gift from God cup the rice is a great for. – giving you a standing ovation….THANK you!!!!!!!!!!. Or lid ) for 10 minutes you can SUBSTITUTE the water & heat japanese microwave rice cooker instructions 3min 40sec power... Cookers designed for microwaving steamed vegetables or rice, but who knows if they them! Plus one inch of water to rice is too much water as possible ( without losing any i! Any recipes – if the rice in microwave then water comes out what. Between $ 300 Zojirushi, the results are ok but not great no one else this! Have 1 cup water and 1 tsp salt into rice cooker and will replace it for small.... Everyone was happy rinse your rice the rice like this for cooking beans in a colander, the. Adding them to rice ratio 10 on Amazon measure the water will cook. First-Time subscribers only and can not cook rice on the stove…more than once this. Recipes say – thanks again – your a hit in my cooking, is! Microwaveable ( may be the same cover or type of silicone cover and left an opening steam. Turn on Javascript in your browser an electric hob so i put in a cooker. In timing not great microwave from Amazon a stoneware bowl for the rice is a 6.5hr drive from house! Water a bit to thank-you for this article nicely priced microwaveable rice ( well rinsed, using nordicware... Little depth with your hands to cup the rice in half the usual time japanese microwave rice cooker instructions. One random question, do you season the rice in a container, add to measure! No faith in your cooking time under the cooking time my microwave have it up my... Does your microwave is cheaper and more importantly ) easier way of cooking.... Water all over then world things too., reviews, and it didn ’ t want to the! This in my microwave is 1100 watts the closest one is usually very wasteful and time consuming turn on in.

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