Dumbbell Pullover Exercise Information. To test if you are ready for the pullover, try whether you can perform overhead press or chin ups with full range of motion. Overhead Lying Dumbbell Pullover Or Barbell Pullover, have any of u'z seen good upper chest mass from this? i seriously need to put mass on my upper chest because my shoulders overpower the chest and i have no mass at all on the upperchest . fukkkkk being small, i … The dumbbell pullover can in fact help to improve shoulder mobility in that it places a stretch upon the lats and triceps; two muscle groups often responsible for impeded shoulder mobility overhead. The Technique. Once you are certain that you have sufficient shoulder mobility you can try your hand at this classic move. Alternative Names: Straight arm dumbbell pullover, lying dumbbell pullover, cross-bench dumbbell pullover Type: Strength Experience Level: Intermediate Equipment: Dumbbell Muscles Targeted: Chest, lats, triceps, shoulders Mechanics: Compound Average Number of Sets: 2-3 with 12-15 reps each Variations: Incline, bent arm, decline dumbbell pullovers For whatever reason, this gem of an exercise seems to have fallen out of people’s routines. Maybe in the days of fancy machines and new-age workouts, it’s simply become forgotten. To perform the classic dumbbell pullover, we recommend lying on a bench with your full back. I’m talking about the dumbbell pullover, a staple in the Arnold-era and one of my favorite unique movements in the gym.

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