An affordable hardwood, yellow balau is similar in many ways to teak, which of course has been the quintessential decking wood since … Yellow Balau Decking is designed to be fixed with a slight gap in between the boards, no larger than 6mm, any larger than that will cause chair legs and other large objects to fall through. Profiles:-Reeded Deck Board. With its durability and golden brown hues, Yellow Balau timber offers great value and is a popular choice for hardwood decking in the UK. Overview. Available Grades:-Select & Better Some pin hole present, colour a yellowish brown which will turn grey on exposure to external weathering. Reversible Deck … Yellow Balau Decking; Botanical Name. Available Length 2.13m (7ft) £10.86 (inc vat) 981 in stock Add to Cart Our company based in Semarang Office Phone : +6224 76430498 Yellow balau decking is a fabulous way to transform your outdoors. Grand Indo Timber is a company that produce Bangkirai Decking, Yellow Balau Decking and also Bangkirai Finger Joint Laminated. Contact us about this product. Shorea laevis ridl. More about Yellow Balau Yellow Balau … Home > Decking > Hardwood > YELLOW BALAU Decking - 145mm x 21mm YELLOW BALAU Decking - 145mm x 21mm.

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