The  Filipino man who courts Filipino women will not court only her but the whole family. The number of the steps in the stairs should be exact with oro, plata, mata; the last step should not fall to mata because it is belief that it will bring bad luck. They obey the elder’s authority and follows the rule in the house. Filipino is optimism that is one of the traits that help them keep going. The Filipino families tradition is to have time to go to church every Sunday with all family members. Because we all know that Filipino eat rice in every meal that they take. It is also a belief that once you imprinted a coin on the front of your house, your family will have a continuous flow of money. For Filipino people, their tradition in their home and in their family is very important. In this modern age a lot of foreign values and the way they speak influence many Filipino, but having a pure heart and a soft heart is what we are different from them. Some food that is prepared is lechon (roasted pig), pansit and of course, the rice will always present on every occasion. Most of the traditions and beliefs of the Filipinos are about paying respect to the elders and value of family. Traditional cultures and beliefs of Filipino when it comes to music is folk songs. The Filipino family teach each and every member of the family how to respect the older one and how to show their respect is by saying “po” or “opo’ to elders. Filipinos are seems to be related to each other, they intend to call some older than them as Kuya, Ate, Tito, Tita, Lolo and Lola though they are not related to each other. Some customs wear of Filipino Women is wearing Maria Clara dress. Some of it is praying before they eat, and then they use hands when eating. They really know how important the family is and how they value, respect and love each family members. It also a tradition and beliefs that if A Filipino move into another new house they make sure that the first thing they bring to their house is a bowl of rice, a jar of salt, and a lot of coins to put every place of the house. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! The old ones are more careful about showing and teaching the younger one about Filipino tradition and cultures. 2: Filipinos lie A LOT. Some values that elders teach to children is: Filipino values and tradition are admirable especially if we Filipino as an individual still doing it even if we are in a modern day. But the most traditional food we always prepare is pansit (noodles), in every occasion pansit will always there in the table. We cannot be recognized until we act, speak, and how we dress as a Filipino. The Filipino people are very religious as well. It is a belief that black ants inside the house mean good fortune and color green is believed to attract money. Also one of being unique of Filipino people to their culture is having close family ties. In this modern age a lot of foreign values and the way they speak influence many Filipino, but having a pure heart and a soft heart is what we are different from them. When you visit the Philippines, you can also notice that the Filipino are very respectful and down to earth person. ( I call the Filipino culture 'a puzzle' because 1: Filipinos are ashamed to share their culture so they hide it to foreigners when they don't literally deny it. You can Filipino people what is important to them and 99% of them answer them their Family. Each region has its own traditions and beliefs and those traditions sometimes signify what region the person came from. The spirit of Christmas season can feel you how Filipino are happy and excited to celebrate Christmas day. This how we Filipino truly love each other by helping each other. Filipinos are also known to be the courteous people for using “po” and “opo” to respect the other people. Filipino values are taught in the school, in every Filipino family, in each individual, and through the environment. Culture. We as a Filipino citizen must understand the true meaning and importance of the Philippines cultures and tradition. If a picture of the person fall on their house it means that death is coming for the person in the picture. 6 Truly Unique Filipino Traditions Like any other culture, the Philippines prides itself of customs and traditions that can be classified as something that is truly Filipino. Especially before every Filipino must learn and follow the traditional way of Filipino culture. You will see a picture, poster or sculpture of “The Last Supper” displayed on their dining room. The culture of the Philippines comprises a blend of traditional Filipino and Spanish Catholic traditions, with influences from America and other parts of Asia. The flexibility and adaptability can also one of the Filipino traits that can help Filipino when they in other countries. A debt should not be paid during night time because it is belief to be a bad luck. It influences the people to apply it in their daily life and be a good example to a younger Filipino. The Education in the Philippines: Education Matters: Philippines’ different Transportation: Getting from One Place to another, Philippines Time – The time in Philippines now. They said that you will know that the person is a Filipino if they say Po and Opo during their conversation. © 2016 Look Upgrade Inc. All Rights Reserved. It is belief that whatever the pregnant woman is eating during her pregnancy will somehow reflect on her baby or whatever things or person the pregnant woman is fond of will reflect on the appearance of the baby. © 2017 Look Upgrade Inc. All Rights Reserved. They said Filipinos are the only nation who used spoon during their meal and if you lived in other country, you will know that you are stepping in a Filipino’s house is by looking at their dining room. Acknowledging Filipino values is an important step for us to help those younger Filipino to love our own values and tradition. Also without rice in every meal of Filipino will not be complete. The famous tradition of the Filipinos is saying Po and Opo to the elders. It is a belief that one should not borrow money from others during the first hour of the day, first day of the week, first week of the month and first month of the year because it is belief that it is a bad luck and you won’t be rich. Here are some unique traditions that embody the local beliefs and values inculcated through the centuries. When it comes to sports the national sports of the Philippines is Arnis one of the types of martial arts. One of the most and popular folktales that written by Jose de la Cruz was “Ibong Adarna” and some famous writer includes Francisco Balagtas who publish “Florante at Laura” There is some modern artist of the Philippines like Damian Domingo, Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, and Elito Circa. This is said to bring God’s grace inside the house through the sun. Some values of Filipino people is one that always gives importance to every Filipino, like The family this one is the most and treasured to everyone. Some beliefs of Filipino Catholic when they have a house blessing the house will bless by a priest and every member of the family should attend bearing candles. Even if they face trials in their life they still believe that they can handle it and face it with flying colors. It appears that you have disabled your Javascript. The Philippines is commonly referred to as a melting pot of western and eastern cultures. Filipinos are rich in traditions and beliefs and all of them originated from their ancestors. Philippine beliefs are all originated from their ancestors and for some those beliefs do not make sense but some still follows it religiously. It is done by taking the elders’ hand and you will bow so that your forehead can touch the back of the elders’ hand. So they can pass by through generation to generation. Giving respect by doing Mano Po, other famous tradition of the Filipinos is Mano Po. Before courting for Filipino people is very hard before the girl say yes to someone who courts them. Filipino culture and tradition are different from others. Filipino tradition is best when you know how to celebrate it and accept it with all your hearts. The priest will tour around the house to sprinkle the holy water in every part of the house. Therefore, there are quite a lot of Filipino culture, customs and traditions for the home and family that is based on religious beliefs. Filipino families have tight relationship to each other and unlike the western families wherein they oblige their children to move out of the house when they reach the age of 18, it is a different story in the Philippines. If one has a dream of falling teeth means a death of a close family is coming. They are very hopeful and willing to learn in any kind of work that can help them to improve themselves. Filipino is very romantic when it comes to their loved ones, family, and friends.

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