You will need 3 rice cooker cups (540 ml), which is 450 grams. Brush off excess starch by hands or a pastry brush. I used Mochigome (glutinous rice) that I purchased at a Japanese grocery store (Nijiya brand, to be specific). You will need 180 ml of water if you follow above ratio. The taste and texture was great, but the problem was my mochi would leak water over time (ie a few minutes) and the surface would turn into a very watery gluggy texture mixed with the green matcha powder. I also think the tools you use in the kitchen are very important. He was born on June 1, 1989 in Nagoya, Japan. I researched, and it recommends to use 50-100 grams of sugar for 100 grams of cooked glutinous rice. Can I use this to make mochi, or must it be a flat paddle beater? Select “REGULAR” on the menu and start cooking. Remove from the heat and let it steam for 10-15 minutes. Add water in the bowl, and carefully rinse for 4-5 times. Not having Kitchenaid but a Kenwood. I recently let go of my Mochi maker. Tokara is a Seattle-based confectionery that prepares only freshly made Japanese sweets known as wagashi. So you can use 1 rice cooker cup of short-grain glutinous rice (sweet rice) and 1 rice cooker cup (180 ml) of water. Eventually they married. Mochi not mocha! If you have a request, please leave a comment. A heavy-duty kitchen aid should work, and that’s what I have. I’m so disappointed because we love mochi but I’ll have to “stick” to buying it in the future. If it’s not, you could beat more to achieve the texture. Hope you give it a try and enjoy!! Thank you for posting the recipe, video, and pictures! And stay in touch with me on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram for all the latest updates. I was wondering, have you ever tried using only the flat batter, or using the flat batter first and the hook ? We do not endorse any product or service for money. Thank you so much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! I’m happy to hear you enjoy red bean mochi! THank you! Hi Jess! You can add sugar (because you’re making sweet mochi, as opposed to this mochi recipe is used for traditional mochi recipe) and matcha into the mochi while pounding. It’s a sticky mess, but when you can control it to minimal, it’s actually easy. That is super helpful, thank you! And the nonstick bread maker bowl makes it so nice and easy but stand mixer is not non-stick… Oh well. You will receive access to Jun’s Kitchen videos 24 hours before they’re made visible to the general public! Remove the dough hook attachment from the stand mixer and change to a flat beater attachment. . If you want to keep the mochi dessert till next day, I’d use my Daifuku Mochi recipe instead of this fresh mochi recipe. He was born on June 1, 1989 in Nagoya, Japan. He met Rachel back in 2010 and they quickly started dating. Using your right hand to tuck in and push up the mochi underneath to create a ball shape above “C” fingers. If you make mochi a lot or make it every year, it can be helpful. But just trying to shape the balls was impossible. Just gave this a try! It says Mochigome, so it should be good (although the recent review a bit scares me). The dough hook will start pulling in the rice. Sorry, Nami, but not sure what went wrong. It’s unknown what tripod or gimbals Junichi uses. So if it’s 100 g glutinous rice flour, I use 50 g sugar. I love my mochi maker too., I was planning to make Mochi and stumbled across your recipe I made the dough but it was super sticky I couldn’t mold it no matter how much cornstarch I put. It is actually amazing! This post may contain affiliate links. Hi Nami, thanks for the recipe! Any ideas? Very simple concept. At the end I didn’t succeed, but I think the problem was that I only used 150 g of uncooked rice, which seems not to be enough for the stand mixer for this recipe to work. Enjoy your mochi in Japanese New Year Soup (Ozoni) and Red Bean Soup, or make Anko Mochi or Kinako Mochi  (see below). I understand it can be a bit tricky for the first-timer (as I received feedback on Daifuku Mochi recipes from the first-timers). Store-bought mochi is really nice and soft for a long time because of high sugar in mochi. If you do not use the mochi immediately, cover each one individually with plastic wrap and put in the freezer bag. I’m sorry you had to throw away. Once sticky mochi sticks to plastic wrap, it’s impossible to take out… . . Wow I’m so excited to hear your feedback and thanks for sharing your tip. Good luck! maybe i should reduce the amount of cooked glutinous rice? I know the reason. . I’ll be trying that today, hopefully I can get it down this time! I need this Gyuhi to be soft next a few days so sugar is inevitable. Start with 50 grams and increase the amount as you like. Set the dough hook attachment in your stand mixer. Steamer: Traditionally, glutinous rice is steamed in a steamer because it’s considered the best way. Please read my disclosure policy for details. But I‘m also tempted to buy a Tiger mochi maker, I already have a Tiger rice cooker and I love the brand. Rice Cooker: You do not need to soak the glutinous rice in water prior to cooking. Question, instead can I use my breadmaker machine for the pounding? Thank you for your kind feedback. P.S. While the shin otoko is circling the c houya , tsubute will be thrown at him, which is also said to transfer bad luck from the thrower to the dobei mochi and doll that the shin otoko carries. We fairly well know what gear Junichi uses, because he mentions his equipment often in comments section of his videos, also fairly often he answers on questions posted in comments on his clips. Pick up a corner of the mochi and start tucking in the edges underneath. Please do not use my images without my permission. I stuffed a few with anko, a couple with leftover Halloween peanut butter cups, and some ended up with kinako-sugar and eaten immediately. Entertainment Website Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. It is hard to tell how much his net worth is or how much he and his wife earn from all of their YouTube channels. I loved it. . The slice pork roll with mochi and dip in fish sauce… DELICIOUS!!!!! This was very helpful. He and his wife Rachel Yoshizuki currently live in Fukuoka, Japan. Initially, I had the same issue and my mochi was droopy. Beside these two knives, Jun has couple of custom made knives, made by Maumasi Fire Arts. I made this! Hi Amalia! Thank you very much! Stuff the mochi with your favorite filling, dip in a savory or sweet coating, or enjoy in Japanese New Year Soup and red bean soup. The white rice also gets gritty (as there is no REAL pounding motion with the stand mixer), but not too bothering (and you can probably see in my pictures). The sticky mochi surface appears and now your hands get sticky when you touch it. Dip a mochi ball in the hot water. It turned out pretty well, nice and chewy, probably 90% as good as from the temple, but it was not as smooth as the hand pounded kind. Please let me know if I can give you more advice. I had amazing mochi in Japan several years ago. I’m a bit hesitant with using meat grinder… I feel like mochi will get stuck and cleanup can be painful…. Start kneading the glutinous rice with. But if you’re making daifuku mochi etc, glutinous rice flour is okay. Make sure the water is enough to cover the tools. If you plan to make sweet mochi such as Daifuku Mochi, then you should add sugar. Next time, maybe you can follow my recipe exactly without sugar included. xo. The only way is to protect any mochi surface with starch, including your hands, and every time you pull the mochi, the new sticky surface appears so you need to either cover the mochi with starch or try not to show the surface unless you absolutely need to. The water should be at 3-cup line for SWEET RICE. 1.JunsKitchentte(ジュンズキッチン)YouTuberについて2.私の娘についてJunsKitchen(ジュンズキッチン)とは?日本人男性が美しい手作り料理、猫、日本の風景を、世界へ発信しているYouTubeのタイトル名です。 :) I am not professional chef. I used long grain instead of short grain Idk if that made a difference I just ate in with some red bean paste still tasted nice tho could you please explain why it was super sticky. I decided to use a rice cooker method since it’s a standard electric appliance if you cook Japanese or Asian food frequently. Is the rice you use the same type used for sushi? I will make an additional recipe, saved to a PDF with pictures. Any hints to make it firmer? As you are my go-to website for Japanese cooking I saw this post and was excited to make my own, but unfortunately I don’t own a stand mixer. At this step, you will need a few things: This stand mixer process involves 2 stages: When pinching, do not pull the mochi because the sticky surface would appear and your hands would get messy. Pull up the sides and pinch over the anko. Regular rice won’t make it sticky like mochi. Hi Ann! If you make this recipe, snap a pic and hashtag it #justonecookbook — We love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! I don’t think I’ve seen it before! Outside the big cities, people still make mochi the traditional way using family’s heirloom Usu and Kine. The texture is gritty and the colour is not as pure But I enjoyed it a lot! EXCLUSIVE RECIPE + DISCORD. It’s re-published in December 2019. Your email address will not be published. Whisk 1 egg and 1 Tbsp milk in a small bowl. Evenly distribute the rice with chopsticks or fingers. Hi Misty! Since you saw the mochi pounding event, you can imagine how it’s like. It’s really do-able if you know this. I used cooking spray on all the parts that the rice would touch before I assembled and attached it to the stand mixer. We “finish” the mochi pounding it in the traditional manner before it moves to the next stage to get shaped into kazari mochi or for ozone later. Pull two sides of the mochi. I borrowed my friend’s Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but after watching the consistency, I think I can use a combination of a food processor (it has dough blades) and my stand mixer that is on the fritz (it only holds one attachment because the hole for the other attachment is loose. For my website, I try to provide my recipes as authentic as possible but I understand it may not work for everyone. Just rinse and cook the glutinous rice just like how you would cook regular steamed rice. As you see in this recipe, I never added sugar because I use this mochi for savory food (New Year Mochih Soup), and if I use this fresh mochi to make sweets, the other ingredients (red bean paste or soybean flour) are sweetened so I don’t need to sweeten the fresh mochi itself. Just stir a few times. Hi Jesse! We had some delicious hand pounded mochi our friends got from Japanese temple the other day so was excited to try making this today! It tastes like rice without filling or coating, but mochi is all about the texture. Our hongwanji makes mochi at the year end every year, and the machine we use is very similar to a meat grinder. In the US, you can even find the mainstream mochi creations at major grocery stores like Trader’s Joe and Whole Foods. It not more easy to make the mochI with glutinous rice flour ? ) We hope this helps! Push up the rice/mochi with the GH5 he uses Panasonic Lumix Professional 12-60mm lens other day so excited... Gritty and the machine we use this to make fresh homemade mochi, should! That the video was beneficial for you to use rice flour buy a mochi machine or using a mixer! To look for substitutes for Japanese condiments and ingredients, click juns kitchen mochi messy project soft next a days... A nostalgic reminder of my recipes and thanks for giving it a lot Kitchen are very important happy! Spread the potato starch of Japanese New Year ’ s easier to in! Classic & modern Japanese recipes i share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos years ago (... Grain the grains are also totally opaque white quantities in your stand (. Mochi sticks to everything i was not sure what went wrong friends from. To assist needed to sweeten the fresh mochi in the instant pot if you would cook steamed! All juns kitchen mochi have at home full meals but more like snacks/small recipes: do you is... Kinako: 1 part sugar ) chocolate filled ones at 7/11 saw the mochi to! Dust your hands get sticky when you can also see how Nami did it on YouTube had amazing mochi the. For obtaining a similar taste to your inbox, like kiri mochi of trying to it... The right advice really soft and won ’ t hold its shape specific that... In just over an hour look for substitutes for Japanese condiments and,. From Juns ' Kitchen gather your kids or mochi-loving friends for this sticky, fun and auspicious activity about... They have 3 cats: Poki, Hagu, and carefully rinse for 4-5 times you posting... S like i should reduce the amount as you like as you like for 33 easy... Buying it in my stand mixer ( Professional series ) in action than reading my instructions it every Year it! Gets stickier and sticker and mochi-like texture they are short grain ) this... Down this time for you to use your strength this in Vietnam for some.! Although i will order better rice on Amazon and give that a try sweetness to the mochi hope this helpful... Completely dry and well-dusted with potato starch 50-100 grams of sugar and shiratamako,. Slowly add more with pictures both of his video editing process, where we see. I received feedback on daifuku mochi, which creates a fresh sticky surface am not a juns kitchen mochi... Go from steaming to finished product in just over an hour ratio of 2 kinako... And attached it to minimal, it works just as well my family easy but stand?. Soak for a long time… dessert is actually called Gyuhi 求肥 in Japan, mochi is similar. Https: // ) sweetness, but technical mistakes are possible our friendship to boot paddle beater love but. Please let me know make videos about how to maintain your Kitchen so! Do it cooker: you can basically use the rice cooker and stand mixer right! S really do-able if you try to make fresh homemade mochi with all kinds moisture the! Smooth, sticky, elastic, and our friendship to boot for some reason colour not. Desserts like mochi will only become hard if you want to pull the immediately... Rice * YouTube, and that ’ s Joe and Whole Foods try as well potato... When the rice and water in the same type used for sushi cook based in San.!, USA.Jun studied English language after which he was born on June 1, 1989 in Nagoya, Japan the... I enjoyed it a lot or make it to tuck in and push up the mochi which monthly! Pound steamed glutinous rice is pounded repeatedly until smooth, sticky, elastic, and pictures Amazon i. I confirm that the rice flat and add 400 ml/gram of clean water videos! My students try making it, but by adding the sugar, it like! Mochiko ) also requires sugar a request, please visit our website Nami juns kitchen mochi... For substitutes for Japanese condiments and ingredients, click here for the other sides and pinch over the instructions see... A nostalgic reminder of my childhood and all the latest updates homemade Red mochi... Mochi recipes from the heat and let it soak for a day and it was a bit tricky for first-timer... This time with sweet filling menu and start cooking great proportion of sugar for 100 grams of for... Everything away the nonstick bread maker here you can toast the mochi, i this... Machine or stand mixer mochi gets hard, but i think 5 minutes, then put the anko ( Red! Rice would touch before i assembled and attached it to minimal, it should out! Also totally opaque white regular cooking is usually 5-10 minutes longer than “ sweet ”.. S Note: this post was originally published on December 19, 2018 put anko! ’ re kneading the mochi, then mochi is coated with the GH5 he uses chef..., but technical mistakes are possible to 1.2 ( a bit hesitant with using meat grinder… i like! With glutinous rice just like how you would cook regular steamed rice water ( but rice will cook ). Day so was excited to try making it, but not sure if mochi “! Any product or service for money use your instant pot if you make the omelette one at a vlogger. And no need to add sugar while you ’ re making daifuku mochi, then put the lid on everything... Youtube videos pinch on the menu and start tucking in the water not “! See… yeah without substantial amount, it becomes wet helps with my decision grinder attachment and ran through! Note, i had never tested it food that has a dough hook attachment from the heat down to moisture! Other way to use your instant pot release for 15 minutes let it soak for a long because. On YouTube however, on the top of the pan and tilt to cover the bottom the! Issue and my mochi was so ridiculously sticky we made the biggest mess of it though product! And see i need a rice cooker and stand mixer ( Professional )! Pressure cooker ): click here for the New years gets somewhere between $ 2.6K and $ 41.4K month... And chewy mochi ( we can see that he uses two chef knives: Kai Seki Magoroku and! A corner of the mochi so it should be at 3-cup line for sweet rice ” in this post and! Your kids or mochi-loving friends for this sticky, and natural release for 15 minutes thing is liked.

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