Let’s be real, toddlers LOVE pouches! In the end, I save more time by taking an afternoon to prep for the week than if I were to make each meal individually. I knew from day ONE when I found out that I was pregnant again that I was going to make my own baby food this time around. I've written about reusable food pouches before, as one of the options for storing homemade baby food. I prepped, researched, and prepared for that milestone when my baby would be able to have his first feeding. I also used store-bought baby food when I ran out of homemade food (or was too lazy, I mean busy, to make some on the spot). The pouches are also single use, so after they're empty, they get thrown away. HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE BABY FOOD POUCHES. They provide a quick, easy, mess-free solution. I have been making homemade baby food for months (you can read more about my homemade baby food making here), so the only difference was that I put the purees into pouches instead of freezer trays. Personally, I used homemade baby food for both my boys, but I did have a stock of commercial baby food pouches for times when we’re out-and-about. Like their single-use, store-bought counterparts, reusable food pouches are convenient and portable. Whether it be the homemade or the store bought version, they usually can’t get enough of them. that will save you Money! The (ugly) Truth About Baby Food Pouches It’s something you already intuitively know, something inside of you knows that giving your baby pouches or jars just isn’t quite right. Plus, I like knowing what is in my toddlers pouches because chances are that I can make them even healthier and yummier then the pre-made variety. Easy, homemade baby food pouches! You can read why I decided to make my baby food here. But let’s be real, between housework, homework, and work work, you barely have time to think, let alone cook, peel and chop your homemade baby food. There is another option.

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