To view a copy of this license, visit General maintenance mechanics work in hotels, manufacturing plants, hospitals and government agencies, just to name a few. The program takes just 11 months. What does Trident Technical College offer? You … All Rights Reserved, Maintained by Public Relations and Marketing Class meets: October 5, 2020–July 21, 2021, Monday–Thursday from 4:00–8:00pmLocation: Cedar Falls CenterCost: $7,100. Students will gain knowledge and hands-on skills in: This 16-month program offers training on … Using a strict quality control process, we use evaluations and feedback from both employees and management to make continuous improvements to our industrial maintenance training programs. in a safe and effective … Main Campus 319-277-2490 The Industrial Maintenance Online Refresher courses will assist you to learn the necessary principles required to complete the pre-employment assessments. In addition to industrial maintenance classes, students in this program take courses in electricity, machine tool, and welding. 319-266-6772 (fax) Faculty, Staff, and Department Directory, Copyright © 2020 Training covers most compressor types and compressor control systems in the industry. Navigating COVID-19 Together website for more information, Service Providers for Basic & Medical Needs, Crisis Assistance, Financial assistance may be available to qualifying businesses and individuals,, direct and alternating current electricity. Site by Spinutech, Nondiscrimination Statement Industrial Maintenance Short-Term Training Program. In Ohio and surrounding states, for example, demand for skilled industrial maintenance workers has grown 232% from 2010-2016 while demand increased 160% nationally. See full announcement. Hawkeye Community College cannot guarantee employment or promotion. Our Industrial Maintenance Training Programs are a by-product of our training courses that we have implemented since our company’s inception. Completing the Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Technician Training Certificate provides students with the entry-level skills needed to earn $20 an hour as a mechanical maintenance technician. Free online industrial maintenance training is available through Business Industrial Network Online University. This program will focus on the fundamentals of electrical safety, electronics, power distribution, and the design and construction of an industrial control panel. And healthcare professionals can earn contact hours. Students will gain knowledge and hands-on skills in: Demand for industrial maintenance personnel is very high and has been identified as a green occupation. Industrial maintenance workers maintain, monitor, troubleshoot, and repair equipment used in the production of goods. Navigating COVID-19 Together website for more information. Please visit the College Bookstore to purchase the required materials before the course begins. The Maintenance Management course with all the vital topics you need to create Plant and Equipment Wellness. This course is an exercise in the operation, preventative maintenance, and trouble-shooting of air compressors utilized in today’s modern industrial setting. You only need one hour to gain helpful tips to improve your mental health. Email me. Industrial Maintenance Training. General / Industrial maintenance certifications Certified Maintenance & Reliability Technician : The CMRT designation is offered by the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP). In order to get a ride to or from Hawkeye Community College you will need to contact Dispatch. To view course information and register online, search Industrial Maintenance at: Register Online (CE) Other Related Programs. Environmentally-friendly activities and technologies are likely to increase the need for industrial maintenance workers. This area of the skilled trades is full of good-paying opportunities, especially for people with some formal training. Our industrial maintenance training is customized to teach the skills you need at your plant based on our thorough Job Task Analysis. A 3-day industrial maintenance course full of reliability and maintenance training on exactly how to deliver outstanding equipment reliability in your operation the Plant Wellness Way. Learn the education and training requirements for working as an industrial electronic maintenance technician. Industrial Electronics Maintenance Technician: Job Info & Career Requirements. Choose from more than 300 compelling and cutting-edge industrial training courses designed to improve your employees' core, job-specific, and industry-specific competencies, enhance operational efficiency, and improve profitability. Maintenance and Reliability Training. We're so excited to hear from you! COVID-19 Campus Updates and Resources: Wearing a face mask and practicing physical distancing are required. Wages do not include overtime compensation. Maintenance Mechanic course is an Industrial Mechanic Course for Power Plant Maintenance, Plant maintenance or Building Maintenance on doing the technically difficult job of being a mechanic. Visit our Stay Healthy, Stay Safe. 101 - Reading Blueprints102 - Reading Schematics and Symbols103 - Mathematics in the Plant104 - Making Measurements105 - Metals in the Plant106 - Nonmetals in the Plant107 - Hand Tools108 - Portable Power Tools109.1 - Industrial Safety and Health110 - Troubleshooting Skills Courses and Certificate Information * With hands-on experience and training, you’ll have an opportunity for internships and job placement opportunities throughout Ohio. 319-296-2329, ext.3010 P.O. Our industrial and mechanical training course programs are designed to meet the needs of employees … Multi-Skill Training Services, Inc. Portable workstations with industrial, real world plant components, Match perfectly to Lab Guide with step by step instructions, Lists all skills that must be attained by students before passing the course; provides a guide for all curriculum, Lesson plans with introductions, learning objectives, and comprehensive subject matter content, Quizzes that match to learning objectives, Hands-on exercises with material lists and step by step instructions, Lesson Content: text, images, and diagrams that help to demonstrate the concepts in the session, Hands-On Activities: each session includes instructions for each hands-on activity, Step by step instructions, with pictures, on how to administer all hands-on exercises that utilize the simulators, The right mix of instructor presentation and hands-on exercises, Continually building on skills learned as lessons progress, Hands-on exercises that are organized to achieve as much as possible during a session, Fully customizable training programs such as. What is Industrial Maintenance Technology? These courses are accessible anytime, anywhere – all students need is Internet access. Maintenance Mechanic: Industrial Mechanic Course. 319-296-2320, Locations This course is designed to provide basic electrical skills to those who need to perform first-line electrical maintenance tasks including the safe isolation, replacement and testing of a range of common electrical devices (motors, sensors, heating elements, solenoids, etc.) Each program consists of a wide variety of short online courses which include audio & written instruction, video demonstrations, quizzes and a final test. Other courses are available upon request. Visit campus to learn what Hawkeye has to offer you! In strict accordance with the National Electric Code, this course will introduce aspiring maintenance mechanics students to electrical theory with an emphasis in those energy sources developed for commercial and manufacturing use.

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