Does the time fit the crime?

Sometimes I don’t understand how you peoples work

My mum told me that her cousin was taken away in a bag by some bad humans and then let out when the hunt hounds were coming. She never saw him again.

I’ve got a dog friend called Buddy. He’s safe now but he told me that peoples were trying to make him fight other dogs. They kept pushing him and shouting at him and hitting him, and they made other dogs bite him and hurt him.

Buddy was taken away from those humans and he’s safe now but he worries about his brothers and sisters. He worries about all dogs being made to fight each other.

Why do you humans do this to animals? It makes me so angry! Ack-ack-ackawooo!

Stop the bad guys

When I was younger (I know, I’m still young. But I’ve lived), if I misbehaved my mum would give me a quick nip to the neck. That was enough to tell me not to do it again.

I think you peoples don’t nip each other on the neck but you do have prisons for the bad people. I heard people saying that if you throw rubbish away you can get five years in prison! (It’s called fly-tipping. I don’t understand. Do you have to knock a fly over when you throw your rubbish away?)

But for hurting animals, the most peoples get is six months in prison. Why only six months?? Do you care more about rubbish than animals?

Nice BBC humans told me all these stories where nasty peoples hurt animals then didn’t get a nip on the neck.

Andrew Frankish, 22, and his brother Daniel, 19, both from Redcar, were given 21-week jail sentences suspended for two years after attacking a bulldog named Baby, who was later put down.

Puppy farmer Sean Kerr, from Solihull, was jailed for six months after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to more than 30 dogs in the West Midlands. Puppies lived on floors coated with faeces and their bedding was soaked with urine.

In December  Christopher and Adam Hoar were jailed for six weeks for kicking a hedgehog to death at Dalton Park retail centre in Murton, County Durham. The offence, recorded on CCTV, was described as "horrible" by the judge.

Kieran Milledge was jailed for 21 weeks in November after he swung his Staffordshire bull terrier, Ronnie, against a train's wall and pushed his foot in the dog's face.

John Wilcock and Bernadette Nunney were given suspended sentences and banned from keeping animals for life in November for leaving dozens of dogs in squalid conditions at a farm in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Jennifer Lampe received a four-month suspended sentence in August after she drunkenly decapitated her two snakes with scissors before swallowing their heads at her home in Market Drayton, Shropshire.

Gary Samuel from Enfield was given a suspended 12-week prison sentence in March 2016 after police found dogs locked in cages in a filthy "pitch-black dungeon" at Armley Vets in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Many thankyous to the BBC for all these horrible stories.

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