On the campaign tail


Phew, this campaigning is hard work!

Please take a look at all the exciting things I’ve been up to, and share them with your friends on Tweeter and Foxbook!

Vinny Press Conference 4

Press conference 4: Fox hunting is not about pest control

Vinny’s spokesperson answers questions about pest control.
Vinny Press Conference 3 screenshot

Press conference 3: Conservative manifesto

Vinny’s spokesperson takes questions from the media about the campaign, including his reaction to the Conservative manifesto.    
Vinny with broadcaster Mark Radcliffe in Manchester

I’m mad for it Manchester!

I’m in Manchester and it’s lovely here but I can’t really understand what anyone is saying to me! Someone asked me where my keks were. I’ve […]
Vinny in Birmingham

Rraaaaark! I’m in Birmingham!

Birmingham is a big place, isn’t it? Lots of peoples, but everyone being friendly to me which I love. They tell me that not much fox […]
Vinny outside Cardiff Castle

Ow-ow-wowww! Hello Cardiff!

Ack-ack-awooo! I was a bit scared about coming to Cardiff because my friends told me it was in Wales, and that sounds scary. Someone told me […]
Vinny and campaign team in Bristol

Ow-ow-wowww! Hello Bristol!

I’ve just been to Bristol! What a lovely place and the peoples are so kind! (I’ve heard there might be some scary hunting peoples nearby but […]

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